About Us

Find out a bit more about how Enviropledge came about.

How It First Started

Enviropledge was launched to ask people to make small lifestyle changes to reduce their carbon footprint.

We worked with earth scientist, Dr Rachel Gavey to help us understand the carbon footprint of every day activities.

Together, we turned scientific jargon into every day language that laymen can understand in the hope by making this more clear more people would start to make small changes.

The idea is that if many people made small changes it could have a considerable impact on the environment.

Over 1900 pledges have been taken so far with over 70 tonnes of estimated CO2e improvements.

We also incorporated some of these activities into a quiz to see how well you know the impact of every day activities on the environment.

Making a difference

Making simple changes with real impact

The E-Cards

Whilst working on the pledges & quiz, we came up with a new idea. Instead of buying and sending greeting cards, we could create an online version that not only reduces wastes but also plants a tree.

We started working with JustOneTree to plant one tree for every e-card sold and created a variety of e-cards, that can be customised, downloaded and sent to delighted recipients.

Out hope is that the e-cards should help reduce waste, plant trees and provide as much customisation as you need. All for less than a card and a stamp.

At our last count, we had helped plant over 1,600 trees, which we don’t think is a bad start. We would love your help to build on that number.

The Scientist

Dr Rachel Gavey is a passionate Earth scientist who enjoys the challenge of research activities and studies that cover a variety of topics. This year she has focused on projects ranging from Mediterranean sedimentology puzzles, to North Sea palaeogeographic reconstructions and resultant prospectivity, climate change related geohazards, deep water facility cutting edge technologies, carbon footprint impacts and the questions surrounding energy transition. Director of her own independent consultancy based in Edinburgh, Rachel works with a variety of clients around the globe and is always on the lookout for the next exciting project.