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Making a difference

How it first started

As you know, there are articles and news everywhere about the impact of climate change; the Planet is dying; there is no Planet B. There are protest marches all over the UK and Greta Thunberg is making headlines everywhere, however people are by and large continuing their lives as usual and it is difficult to get past the inertia.

Sure, there are those trying to eat more plant-based food, re-using plastic bags, using reusable water bottles and coffee cups. But what difference does this actually make?

So the question was… how could I, a normal mother of 2 make a difference? How could 1 person in a planet of 7.7 billion people even make a dent?


Simple changes with real impact

My Thinking

I started looking into this and found the information confusing, contradictory and only understandable if you have a science degree. This led me to think, wouldn’t it be powerful if we could turn this science jargon into something that people can relate to and understand?

Why don’t we give them the information and ask them to make simple lifestyle changes which would have a very real impact on the environment? Then they could share this with their friends and family via their social platforms to enable a butterfly effect for good.

And this was where Enviropledge, a not for profit organisation, was born. 

Making pledges and encouraging others

The Idea

The concept is to make pledges, encourage others to do the same and donate to environmentally-friendly charities.

Some of these pledges require very minimal changes, for example:

  • Change your search browser to a green company that plants trees rather than one that makes profits
  • Rent a living Christmas tree rather than cutting one down
  • Use a milkman rather than buying 3 plastic bottles of milk a week from the supermarket

Others take a bit more work, i.e. switching to an electric car which may be a longer-term pledge. However, the main idea behind it all is that it is better to do something rather than nothing. Why wouldn’t you make these changes, measure the impact on your carbon footprint and the impact of the group that you have encouraged to take part?

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The team

The Founder

Claire Clifford is the CEO and founder of Enviropledge and has a background in operations and online advertising. Since becoming a mother of twins, she has become increasingly worried about the Planet’s health. Claire began researching the environment and it was during this that the idea for Enviropledge was born. A small team of freelancers whose contribution has been invaluable have helped her get Enviropledge off the ground.

The Scientist

Dr Rachel Gavey is a passionate Earth scientist who enjoys the challenge of research activities and studies that cover a variety of topics. This year she has focused on projects ranging from Mediterranean sedimentology puzzles, to North Sea palaeogeographic reconstructions and resultant prospectivity, climate change related geohazards, deep water facility cutting edge technologies, carbon footprint impacts and the questions surrounding energy transition. Director of her own independent consultancy based in Edinburgh, Rachel works with a variety of clients around the globe and is always on the lookout for the next exciting project.

The Writer

Emma Gandey is a busy mum of three and a freelance writer with a marketing and advertising background. She was thrilled to be approached by Enviropledge as she says there’s no better buzz than writing words that can change lives.

The Website Developer

Daniela Stefanescu is a web designer and full stack developer who specialises in working with start-ups who are passionate about their causes. Her recent projects have seen her work with companies involved in the well-being of animals, reducing carbon footprint and generally improving the sustainability of day to day living. She took a particular interest in enviropledge upon realising she already participates in most of the pledges you can see on our website and this was a great opportunity to spread the word that making small changes can make such a big difference


It's time to take action.

We can’t change the world overnight. But, together we can make small changes that will make a difference.