A to Z of little changes that can make a big difference

Here are just a few ideas we’ve put together to help everyone get started on their new path to creating a happier Planet.


It’s amazing the difference that just a few simple lifestyle changes can make as we go about our everyday lives.


Try one or try them all!


Avoid wrapping paper with glitter – we can get our glitter fix elsewhere!


Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables with minimal plastic packaging.


Compost leftover food and reduce waste.


Ditch the cling film, invest in Beeswax.


Exchange standard light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs and save a 5th of the energy.


Forget flowers, give plants or make sure the flowers are in season.


Give experiences or time rather than presents.


Hire rather than buy where possible.


Invest in renewable energy – switch your tariff to renewables only.


Join a clean up project – keep local spaces litter-free.


Keep a Christmas tree alive and use year after year.


Love your clothes. Rewear and repair to reduce consumption of fast fashion.


Make the most of your Milkman and reduce single use plastic.


No Meat Mondays’ are a great idea for reducing your meat consumption.


Only boil the amount of water you need for a cuppa.


Pop a lid on your saucepans when boiling water to save 20% of the energy.


Quit single use plastic where possible – use reusable cups and bottles.


Recycle like your life depends on it.


Staycation where possible – why not tour the UK instead?


Take the train or the bus rather than drive or fly.


Use a dishwasher rather than doing the washing up by hand.


Veer towards environmentally-friendly search engines.


Wear your jeans one more time before washing them and wash at 30°.


Xtinguish your unused electric appliances overnight.


Yell about the changes you are making and convince your friends and family to jump on board too.


Zero emissions may seem a long way away but together we can make small changes that make a difference.


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It's time to take action.

We can’t change the world overnight. But, together we can make small changes that will make a difference.

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