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Enviropledge are committed to looking at climate change differently. We hope to provide practical life tips to reduce your carbon footprint and to encourage you to share with your friends and family. 

We try to avoid scare mongering but would be remiss if we didn’t give a summary of the current climate situation as we see it. 

Please note that these facts have been sourced from a variety of reports and articles, listed below – click on these links to read the full piece. 


  • We have less than 11 years to keep temperate change to an acceptable level before doing irrevocable harm. (Source IPCC.ch)
  • 5.9 hectares of Australia is currently on fire with a devastating impact on the wildlife and their habitat. At the time of writing there are at least 24 deaths. Visibility in Melbourne is less than 1km (0.62 miles) in many parts of the city and its surroundings.
  • Jakarta has seen it’s worse flooding since 2013,  more than 20 people have died and thousands have been evacuated after heavy rain triggered floods and landslides. Source:BBC
  • 16 countries in Africa are facing a climate emergency. Successive cyclones and flooding have displaced over 1 million people already.
  • We need to reduce reductions by 45% by 2030. (Source IPCC.ch)
  • 2018 was the warmest year on record for the Planet’s oceans and the 4th warmest year in terms of surface temperature. (Source Business Insider)
  • That warming trend continued into 2019: July was the hottest month ever in Earth’s history. Since 2001, we have seen 18 of the 19 warmest years. (Source Business Insider
  • If Earth’s temperature increases by more than 3°C, oceans would be an average of 3 feet higher by the year 2100 with the potential to displace more than 4 million people. (Source Business Insider)
  • Left unchecked climate change might cause severe drought across 40% of all land on the Planet — double the amount today. (Source Business Insider)
  • Climate change is expected to decrease the nutritional value of important food crops increasing pressure on food. (Source Business Insider)
  • In 2012, Greenland lost more than 400 billion tons of ice, which was almost quadruple the amount of loss in 2003. (Source Business Insider)
  • Tropical rainforests are cut down at the rate of 30 football pitches per minute. (Source Greta Thunberg & George Monbiot)
  • The impact of damage to tropical rainforests around the world are being underestimated by a factor of 6. (Source Guardian)
  • Bees’ importance is crucial in our Planet’s ecosystems but they have been declared an endangered species. (Source Science Times)
  • Sea levels will continue to rise even if targets have been met. (Source Guardian)
  • Currently 1 in 5 shopping bags of food is wasted. (Source WRAP)
  • Less than 50% of the UK’s waste is recycled. (Source www.gov.uk
  • We spend 1000 times more in fossil fuel subsidies than natural alternatives. (Source Greta Thunberg & George Monbiot)
  • Even now there is rising meat consumption, more air travel, we are chopping down forests faster than ever and increasing global carbon dioxide emissions. (Source: Independent)
  • UK consumers go through an estimated 14 billion plastic drinks bottles, 9 billion drinks cans and 5 billion glass bottles a year. (Source: Gov.uk)


Please take a moment now to make a pledge or three, start reducing your impact now and encourage your friends and family to do the same. 

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It's time to take action.

We can’t change the world overnight. But, together we can make small changes that will make a difference.

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